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Moon pear seedling breeding center

Shandong Linyi goods Sen seedling cultivation base is located in the "China Logistics" - the Linyi the East River. Here convenient transportation, fertile soil, nurturing seedlings developed root system, high survival rate, deep in the majority of new and old customers. Over the years, under the guidance of the forestry sector, Fruit Research Institute province, research experts and professors, and after years of efforts to explore a mature breeding technology, the successful artificial breeding of the great market potential, high economic value, easy cultivation and management of seedlings for the community to create a more efficient yield garden. Our products seedlings planted forest cooperatives, based in Linyi logistics can be made to the country distribution Moon pear seedlings and other seedlings. Pear seedlings on soil adaptability, economic use of long-life, high yield, especially Moon pear fruit flat round, upright, peel red brown, smooth and bright, very beautiful appearance, white flesh, flesh crisp, juicy taste sweet, refreshing fragrance stone cells rarely, edible rate of 98%, superior quality fruit special storage and transportation, sightseeing optimum picking plan...



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